123 people + cycleenergy

123people & Cycleenergy

  • Branding
  • Logo Re-Design

Grasshoppers are not particularly popular. Well, maybe kids like the obscure green insects. But otherwise ...? That is the reason why the Venture Capital and Private Equity Award has been created. An award created for the leading agents of a branch, who are in public still often called "grasshoppers". At the Venture Capital and Private Equity Award exemplary VC/PE-deals are presented and their agents are put in the spotlight. Consequently everyone can see clearly that these are no grasshoppers. Or do you know grasshoppers who wear tailor-made suits ...?

The specific characteristic of the first and the second placed in 2010: both have achieved their visual and brand-technical tools by (make an educated guess) NNWest. It is quite obvious that we are extremely proud of this fact and this need not be especially mentioned.

123people.com: Discovering. Not Searching!

Everyone who has already tried to search for a certain person over the Internet knows that the often used quotation: looking for a needle in a haystack; fits in such a case perfectly. 123people.com the first place winner of the above mentioned award has taken on this never-ending task and remodeled it into a conceivably easy venture. Therefore to make 123people look imaginably good at this, NNWest has been requested to redesign their logo. What are the results? Every day thousands of Internet users think: This rocks!

Cycleenergy: NNWest sees things through Green-colored Glasses

Cycleenergy, the second place winner of the „grasshopper's award", is an Austrian company which commits itself exclusively to the generation of renewable energy. Its emphasis is placed on the production of ecologically friendly wood pellets as well as on biomass power generation. Naturally someone who is so nice to our environment also wants to be a feast for the eyes. Therefore all tasks like logo development, branding and website design have been assigned to NNwest. A wise decision ...