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Two Austrians had a revolutionary idea, an Aborigine had a weird nickname and in the outback a smoothed piece of wood has been used for communication since primitive times. In such an exceptional and unconventional way began the success story of JAJAH, a communication solution (clearer: a Voice Over-IP-Solution) which after only two years achieved a company value higher than the biggest local airline. In the front-row JAJAH seat right from the start taking part: NNWest – proud agent for logo-development, brand-creation and perennial brand-consulting.

In the year 2006 the two start-up enterprisers and software engineers, Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes, formed their vision that everyone should have the possibility to make a call anytime and anywhere nearly free of charge. The first thing which leapt into their minds was Internet-telephony. So far, so good. The only thing both, due to their pioneering spirits, were bothered by was that it was necessary to own a high-tech PC (not even mentioning the neat headset ...) to use conventional Internet telephony. This very consideration gave the impulse to JAJAH.

JAJAH – Internet Telephony without PC, without Headsets – but with NNWest.

JAJAH – is not only simple but also ingenious. Who wants to make a call worldwide virtually for free, now does not need to sit in front of a PC or wear fancy headsets. All you have to do is to register on jajah.com and to take your phone.

Well, what was it now that NNWest needed to do to lend an equally visual and substantial appearance to the idea and the name JAJAH? All we had to do was to listen attentively (something we particularly like to do) and to reflect or rather to think ahead (something we at least like to do as much). Representatively for the spirit of all our efforts taken for JAJAH, regarding especially the brand construction and an intense two-year brand consultancy, the story of the logo's development shall now be told: JAJAH is the nickname of an Aborigine, who worked in a former partner-firm of both founders Scharf and Mattes. Roman Scharf told us about (now comes the part of the attentive listening) an Internet telephone conference when an Australian friend of his mentioned a Bullroarer. Bullroarer? This is a smoothed piece of wood, which is, attached to a string, spun through the air in such a way that sounds of various intensities and extents emerge. And, it works so well that since primitive times it has been used all through the outback to communicate; without a PC or any charges, naturally. Actually like (and now we get to the part of the reflecting and the thinking ahead) JAJAH! Bull's eye! Therefore the JAJAH-logo is apparently a Bullroarer. This is something we are proud of to this very day.