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Especially since our employment with the worldwide creative portal Talenthouse, it is clear to us at NNWest that: no e-mail, no SMS message and no telephone call can replace a personal interview or meeting. Positive proof for this was presented on New York's Time Square. Not that bad ....

One of the most successful co-operations started when NNWest received a call from Dre and Amos. Both entrepreneurial freethinkers – Amos began his career as musician for Boy George and Dre should later manage a smash hit with »Who let the dogs out«, a song that got popular due to the New York Yankees – were considering to create a worldwide virtual creative-platform. A platform, where everyone should be able to show his individual creativity in various disciplines like movies, fashion, music or design and share it with the world wide web: Talenthouse. Both founders created the concept and gave it a name. But they had no logo (or at least only a vague idea of one). NNWest met both without further ado in London. A thorough discussion followed, meeting-partners became acquainted and after only a few hours NNWest made their way back to the airport with an image for a logo.

From a Delayed Flight to the Perfect Logo-icon.

What the two Talenthouse-visionaries communicated to NNWest: their logo should under all circumstances be a certain Adinkra symbol. Adinkra is an old Western African language of symbols. The snake which winds up a thornbush – the symbol for "Making something impossible possible" – really captivated both. So far, so good. This now became the guideline which brilliantly reflects the standard and substance of Talenthouse. The venturous snake, a hundred years old Adinkra symbol, had to be adjusted for the requirements of the digital world. Something that had proved itself for generations on stonewalls and garments, does not necessarily work the same way in cyberspace. Exactly this challenge faced NNWest, already drawing first sketches at the London City Airport while waiting for the delayed flight back home. And, that NNWest did a good job was to be seen 2010 at ... Okay, you already know where, at ...

Speaking of the Times Square: how did the Talenthouse-logo even get there? Well, even Stan Lee, the famous Marvel comic book artist and creator of Spider-Man, used Talenthouse to introduce the visual creation of his foundation. The winner of his, over Talenthouse presented, contest was announced by him in October 2010 in a dignified frame at New York's Times Square.

Thank you, Stan ...!