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NNWest accepted a thoroughly complex and unique challenge. Sensitive and highly emotional subjects like mourning and remembrance needed to find room in the virtual world. A world which seems to be quite contradictory to quiet and intimate remembering. Nonetheless we rose to this challenge; with respect and intuition; but above all with a new perspective on long-established traditions.

Two things needed to be constructed: on one hand, Austria's first mourning- and memorial-portal which is connected with an actual urn-cemetery; on the other hand a virtual profile for the Gardens Cemetery Lutzmannsburg, which needed to be positioned as unique burial site. To fulfill all demands and to position not only the portal but also the Internet-profile of the cemetery in its home community effectively, NNWest acted in all of our disciplines.

Product Development, Name Development, Logo Design, Brand Consulting: NNWest serving Contemporary Mourning and Remembrance.

The aim of this virtual mourning and memorial portal's name was to express its intentions with dignity and in a nutshell. NNWest created Viternity; whereat Vita (lat.) means life and Aeternitas (lat.) stands for eternity. The composition of both words communicates completely independently hope and consolation. The name of the cemetery Gardens Cemetery Lutzmannsburg places the burial site geographically and thematically.

NNWest conceived and implemented for various functions, which enable mourning, grieving and remembering contemporary relevantly, in other words: support and facilitate on a virtual level. The personal memorial page for example as well as electronic death notice, condolence and obituary functions enable mourners to share their thoughts and feelings worldwide.

The Gardens Cemetery Lutzmannsburg has been conceived against the background of new, increasingly established social orders like patchwork families or childless couples and provides for a modern mourning culture: A gardens cemetery which is freely accessible through a public parking space, refrains from building enclosed graves and may be visited as undenominational urn cemetery twenty-four-seven by live cameras from your own home even without having to go on any journey.

Through the logo-design NNWest marked on one hand a clear isolation of both brands; on the other hand a clear brand-roof has been created through coloring and individual design-details, which combine both brand-ranges and keep them together under one roof.

In spring 2011 the first virtual mourning and memorial portal went online. Since then it has established itself – always in significant co-operation with NNWest – as an important address for Austria's mourning community. The Gardens Cemetery Lutzmannsburg more and more meets with approval as alternative resting-place and center of a new local mourning culture, both regionally and nationally.

But first and foremost it is the combination of mourning portal and alternative cemetery that respectfully enriches Austria's mourning community with a new perspective.